Criminal Law

Have you been accused of a crime? Whether you are dealing with a drunk driving arrest or you have been charged with a drug or firearms violation, we can help. Through many years of working hard to protect and defend the rights of people like you, we have built a trusted reputation in Baltimore and throughout Maryland.

Contact us at 410-234-8181 for a free initial consultation with a trusted and experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Our experience and knowledge can benefit you in any criminal case, including those related to:

  • Drug Charges, including drug conspiracy, drug possession, drug trafficking, and drug sale
  • Firearms Violations, including illegal guns, concealed weapons, and felons in possession of firearms
  • White Collar Crimes, including embezzlement, tax fraud, and employee theft
  • Homicide and Violent Crimes, including armed robbery, rape, arson, and weapons violations
  • Domestic Violence, including spousal abuse, child abuse, and other domestic abuse
  • Violations of Probation, at the District and Circuit Court
  • DWI/DUI, including drunk driving and other serious traffic violation cases, such as reckless driving, underage drunk driving, and hit and run

Collateral Matters:

The consequences of a criminal charge can impact your entire life. Beyond jail time, fines, and restitution, you could have a permanent scar on your record that may impact your ability to get a job, a loan, and even a driver's license. Defend against these consequences by choosing an experienced attorney.

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Baltimore Truck Accidents Law Firm | Baltimore City Motorcycle Accidents Law Firm | Baltimore MD Malpractice Law Firm | Baltimore Workers Compensation Law Firm