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During these unprecedented times, we are committed to providing our clients with continued support and care for their claims. We are here both in person and  “virtually” and diligently working through these challenges to support your needs!

Workers' Compensation

Most employees have heard about workers’ compensation insurance, but few understand how it works or what their rights and responsibilities are if they are injured on the job.

From the moment you call us, we’ll take over the entire process. We’ll make sure that both your employer and the insurance company are notified immediately. We’ll file all the necessary forms, advise you of your rights to treatment, and make sure your bills get paid right away.

We also ensure that you’re paid for the time that you can’t work due to your injuries. Once you return to work, we’ll also make sure that you are compensated for any permanent injuries.

If there is a dispute for any reason, we will litigate on your behalf, making sure your rights are protected. If your case needs to be appealed, we’ll take care of that as well.